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How many notebooks are too many on your desk?

Every time I slide open the drawer that my laptop lives in, I smile. Because it also houses the notebooks, journal, note pad and planner that I am currently using.

I like doing that – having different notebooks for different purposes. It helps me organise my thoughts and life, better. Plus, some things are to be preserved. They need to be looked back upon to see growth. And how we progressed through the years. It’s like opening a book from school time, to find poems and stories or even a quote tucked away. It is inspiring, nostalgic and highlights the long way we travelled.

So, here’s what you will find in my desk drawer:

1) Journal:

This is my space to be me. On the days my feelings overwhelm me, I write and/or paint in this plain Ocean themed journal book. It is made for light watercolours and gel pens and so works perfectly for me.

There’s no fixed frequency of writing. There are times I write every day and sometimes, there’s not even a scratch for 15 days. But on an average, I write in it about twice a week.

Ocean Blank Journal. Narwhal Whales. ELT Exciting Little Things.
A little ocean magic for your journaling!

2) My little book of motivation:

As everyone knows, the journey of an entrepreneur is not easy. Neither is life. And so, whenever people say things to me that reinforce their faith in me or wise things that inspire me to deal with life, I record them in this beautiful little notebook. 😊 It’s a great go-to when in need of some grounding, as it also reminds me of my struggles and how I got through them.

3) Planner:

My dated planner is from another online stationery brand. It helps me to have a good sense of overview and control, of year. It also helps me go back and look at the journey and growth in my business and thought process each month.

However, my everyday to-do list and planning need more space and so I have supplemented it with an everyday notebook.

PS: Look-out for ELT’s undated planners – coming up soon! 😊

4) My everyday notebook:

This is the one I use to make work notes in and write down project details. It’s the right sized one to carry around. To a coffee shop too.

It’s like a diary in the sense that it records my everyday tasks and appointments.

Hearts Notebook Rouge Pink 6*6 ELT Exciting Little Things
Have a little fun when working :)

5) My everyday notepad:

It’s nice to have variety 😊. And so, depending on the day, I sometimes switch between using the cute Hearts notebook and this calming writing pad. It’s great to look at and makes me want to write neater, which makes me think clearer before putting things down.

The Greens Collection Notepad Scribblepad Letterpad ELT Exciting Little Things
Little calming garden on your desk!

So, what do you think? Is it too many or is it ok to have all these notebooks, journals and to do lists?

I personally think it all depends on what you want. For me, they help me stay a lot more organised. They help me focus on and grow the different areas of my life. Also, at the end of the year, I know what to discard and what to keep. I am definitely keeping my motivational little notebook. The others, depending on the content and journey they have had, will either stay or go.

This system also helps me use my notebooks to their fullest capacity. Since my personal journal/diary isn’t dated, I can carry it on to the next year. And start a new one anytime this one gets over. If I want to keep this one for the growth, all I need to do is label the time period on the spine. And I am done! No half-written notebooks 😊.

Tell me your experiences. What would I find on your desk? Share them with me on

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