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“Cute stationery is not important.” - Said no one ever!

What is important is how mindful you are when using it. And what you do with it.

Whether it’s a to do list or even just doodling to relieve stress, how aware are you, how in the moment are you? It is your mindfulness that adds meaning to the stationery you own. Stationery is just cosmetic otherwise.

Each stroke of pen to paper helps calm us. Each action, if lived fully, with the entire being, can heal.

Try it. Try doodling or painting with your entire being and see the difference! Even if you think it is ‘silly’, it’s not. When you look back at it 10 years down the line, you will know. Like an old book we find during a deep clean which shows us how we have changed and grown over the years.

So go ahead and use that nice stationery you have been saving up. Make it more than just a ‘good-to-have’ notebook or journal. You will treasure it even more once you fill it up with you.

Write down that travel experience or the food that opened new gastronomic doors for you. Or even a simple smile from a wrinkled face with bright eyes that made your day. Wet kisses from floofs qualify too 😊. Anything that made you smile, laugh, cry, inspired you. Anything that made your heart jump just a little. Or maybe even didn’t – a flat day also qualifies.

And don’t worry. There will always be more cute stationery for you to buy. ELT will ensure it! 😊

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