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7 ways a planner can help you focus at work

Do you find it challenging to balance everything at work? It's easy to get stressed with meetings, conference calls, to-do lists, emails, and project deadlines. Why not go old school with your job and utilise a paper planner?

Maybe you've promised yourself that to be organised, you'll start using a work planner. In any case, if you want to keep track of chores and complete them while still spending quality time with your loved ones, you'll need a planner.

A written work planner is a reliable and secure way to keep track of your daily activities and has several additional benefits.

Why use a work planner?

According to studies, writing things down helps you remember them better, and you won't have to worry about having to remember everything. So why not use your planner to keep track of your complete workload.

How do I select a work planner?

There are so many planners to choose from, that it's tricky to know where to start. When it comes to picking a work planner, we have created a checklist of things to look for.

  • Choose a size for your planner. Make sure you have enough space to write down everything you need.

  • Choose a calendar that includes monthly, weekly, and daily views, and check the following bullet points for more information.

1. Is it hardbound, soft bound, wiro bound or, does it come as a flexible ring-binder?

2. Is it pre-dated or undated?

3. Do you want space to keep track of other events?

4. Do you want lists design?

5. What design or style is best for me?

6. What is your price limit?

  • Consider what you will put in your planner. Then write a list of everything you need and choose a planner accordingly.

  • Sort out the whole list and choose one that suits your needs.

How to create a workplace planner

Now that you've chosen a planner, it's time to get started. Let's talk about how to get started with your planner and make it a part of your daily routine. Just keep in mind that planning is a method. The way you start your planner may differ from how you complete it. You'll make adjustments and modifications as you go to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Changes like this are to be expected. You might have thought of everything while starting to use a planner for work, but you could be in for a surprise! Planning is a dynamic process that evolves as you do. Develop a plan and be ready to adjust it to improve it.

7 benefits of using a work planner

1. Outline your daily tasks.

Every day, set aside 10 minutes to organise your day ahead. Turn off your phone and computer as you plan your day. Make a list of all the meetings, conference calls, email follow-ups, tasks, and projects you have planned for the day. This is best done first thing in the morning. Or, the previous evening. So when you wake up, you already know what you need to do.

2. Start big and work your way down.

Make yearly goals and then work your way through it one week at a time. The monthly arrangement should be used as a starting point when entering data. Keep track of specific dates, meetings, and other details. Then keep track of the data weekly, and lastly, allocate assignments to daily pages.

3. Time management & better work-life balance

Once you’ve added a job to your daily to-do list, schedule the time it will take to finish it. It can be tiring to determine how long an activity will take, but in the end, it’s worth it. By committing to a schedule for all of your obligatory duties, you’ll have more time for your artistic pursuits, whether that’s working on a project or attempting something new. Whatever it is, planners assist you in staying on track with each job at hand and encourage you to move on to the next one successfully and quickly. While staying on track with your work, you can have extra time for yourself and your family.

4. Increased productivity.

You don't have to write everything down word for word; simply make a list of the crucial details you'll need to recall later. It is an excellent way to keep track of objectives, initiatives, and meeting notes. Planners assist you in staying on track with each job at hand and encourage you to move on to the next one successfully and quickly.

5. Sticky notes are no longer necessary.

You want sticky notes on your computer, desk, and even papers, yet they get lost, misplaced, and forgotten all the time. Instead of using sticky notes, try writing the information in your calendar. Planners can be used to keep track of memories, doodles, and objectives in addition to times and dates.

6. Find everything in one place.

Make it a habit to write everything down in your planner. The more you utilise it, the more vital it becomes in your professional life. You'll be less prone to forgetting things and be more productive overall if you store everything in one book.

7. Know your schedule in a glance.

Keeping track of chores, appointments, and notes is another way you use a planner. You can check or recheck the mentioned data in your planner, which you have written days or months back. Anyone who utilises a planner will tell you how beneficial this is.


Work planners are valuable for staying on top of everything you need to accomplish. Paper planners provide a visible, in-hand place for taking notes, making to-do lists, and jotting down ideas while on the go. The age-old technique of getting things accomplished is to write them down. For some stunning and attractive planners, don't forget to take a look at the collection of daily and yearly planners at

The Bernie Undated Annual Planner makes your work more fun, while helping you focus. Its twelve calendar spreads aren't dated, so you may fill them out for each month without feeling bad about skipping pages, during breaks. What's the best part? You can make it your own. You've got it if you want a different coloured cover with a message! The planner is made of 100 gsm pages and has a back pocket for storing items. Each page has quotes that will keep you encouraged and motivate you to keep going.

In addition, when you purchase The Bernie Undated Annual Planner, you will receive a variety of freebies, including:

1) A total of 12 bookmarks

2) Gift card of Rs. 300

3) 2 pencils

4) 150+ more coloured pages-notes, suggestions, budget pages, social media planners, and so forth.

5) 4 Bernie message cards

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy your annual work planner today. Also, don't forget to visit for some stunning annual planners.

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