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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I write on paper when I can just type it in my phone/laptop?
    Putting pen to paper gives more clarity to our thoughts. It has been proven to improve memory and creativity. For example, when you write your tasks for the day on a checklist, it helps you organise them better in your head. It makes one work smart and not just work hard.
  • What kinds of notebooks are available on ELT?
    As of now, ELT has these notebooks: 1) Wiro binding 2) Perfect binding with soft cover 3) Hardcover with section binding These sizes are available too: 1) Pocket-sized notebooks 2) Small notebooks 3) Large notebooks
  • Can I personalise a stationery item by putting my name or initials on it?
    Yes of course! Under the section 'Gift With Love', you will get an option of personalisation. Click on it and it will add to your cart. Simply fill in the details at the time of checkout. If you need something more and can't find it, please DM on or drop a mail:
  • What is the paper quality used for ELT stationery?
    Exciting Little Things uses at least 100 gsm paper. The best range has a 120 gsm paper thickness. This is so that you get a smooth, effortless and smudge-free writing experience.
  • Is ELT made in India?
    Yes! All items from Exciting Little Things have been sourced from and manufactured in India. There are times when items are cheaper, and production eariser, if sourced from China, but ELT has a strict Make In India policy.
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