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It's not just about the little things

It is the revelling in them, that makes life Truly Alive.

It could be a bunch of Gulmohar flowers blossoming
the day 
you were really down.

Or, it could be that one sentence in a song – something
you have missed earlier.

And now, it just takes you to another space.
A happier one. A calmer, more inspiring one.

It could be a number.

It could be a written message telling you exactly

what to do – in answer to your prayer.

That is what ELT aims to do.

Surround you with everyday reminders to be truly alive.

To remind you to stand back up when you fall down.

To grab each moment and live it with a heart so open,
it becomes full of the moment it is in.

To laugh out loud – with all your soul.

To feel the pain when you are hurt.

To feel another’s pain.

To carry home the twinkle of a smile – borrowed from

another’s eye

Coz it’s not yours to keep – it’s for you to pass on.

To keep an open heart

And find the magic within, in each moment.

Life will then neither be tough, nor boring nor dead.

Life will just be that. Lived completely. Lived truly.
Lived to the fullest.


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