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About ELT

ELT brings you heartmade stationery

& desk accessories       Everyday reminders to live a #TrulyAlive life  

As a solopreneur, I make simple designs or team up with freelance designers for the ones that need expertise. Together, we bring you original, illustrated (hand-drawn) designs, with thoughtful concepts

and bright execution.

Quality products, proudly made in India :)

The ELT Journey

ELT started with the insight that most of us at work look at a grey-blue felt façade all day. We spend most of our lives at a desk and sometimes, all we have for inspiration are a few personal pictures, some figurines and maybe an aromatic candle. 

Exciting Little Things was born to brighten up people’s every day. To bring to life designed stationery & accessories for working professionals. For people who like having an inspiring and vibrant work environment.

Founded in 2018, ELT has faced many stops and starts. But the commitment to bring you quality stationery that will brighten up your day, has never died. 

The very first design, Ocean, in the making 

Handmade Ocean Design ELT Exciting Little Things_edited.jpg
ELT Exciting Little Things Founder Neha Rajpara

About the Founder

Hey there!

I am Neha Rajpara, the founder of Exciting Little Things.

ELT started from a personal love for desks and the potential that the things we do there, have, to impact our lives. Maybe even change it. Most of us spend half our lives at desks – either working or studying. So then why not make it bright & inspiring? Why not make it wondrous!


My inspiration? The human heart.

It is about 3.5 inches wide * 5 inches tall. That's smaller than most of the notebooks we use. Such a tiny little thing.

And yet, all the magic of a person's life is found here. It breaks and yet lives. It even gets stronger once broken.

It transforms. If we let it, it is able to love even more. It can change lives. It can heal - itself and other hearts.

It can take us to another place entirely. It can show us wondrous things, only if we let it.

​For me, an open heart holds the entire universe inside it. And more. 

​​Amazing human hearts. Always in awe of those exciting little magical hearts.

Let's Talk

If you want to chat up, discuss an idea or simply brainstorm on a business opportunity, mail on

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